What are Emulators?

You probably heard about handheld devices and emulators? What are they? Are they legal to use? Here is short article that will explain you everything you need to know about Emulators and games that can be played on them.

Term Emulator means something that is emulating or imitating on computer. In this case computer imitate another technical device named console. Consoles are technical devices that were designed only for playing games! In 70s and 80s computers were very advanced technology and also very expensive. Developers and of course investors noticed that there is great need to give something cheaper and entertaining then expensive computers that were used mainly for scientific researchers. At that time consoles were born, and thousands games with them.Emulators appeared when those boring scientists decided to play games from consoles and created software that can imitate another technical device. At the beginning, it was easy task to do. Computers were much more developed than consoles.

But, as consoles advanced and started to use 3-D technology it became harder and harder. Nowadays, it is extremely hard to emulate modern games for consoles because they are using specific hardware that is much more advanced than similar graphic cards on modern computers. But, some of emulators looks extremely well in such a degree that emulators helps developers to create another versions of the games that were released years ago. For example you can play some of the old games like Donkey Kong Country in completely new edition. If you are asking your self are emulators legal the short answer is yes, they are perfectly legal according to expired patents. There is also another very important technical issue that can stand for legal use of emulators, and that is a fact that modern consoles are selling software not hardware.

There were some attempts of console companies to stop and even charge sites that share emulators, but the result was that they have all legal rights to share emulators, because emulators are not property of companies like Sony and others. You may ask yourself why should anyone emulate consoles if they are definitely technically more advanced than PC in terms of gaming capabilities. The short answer is convenience that means that the game can be played on computer, if you like. There are many emulators available today and we can recommend  http://pcx360emulator.com as good starting point for additional information.

Do like a magic?

Clash of Clans is extremely popular game that you can play on many ways, you can use many unit combinations in your strategy. Wizard is one of the most powerful, almost unstoppable units in the game if you know how to play with it! Do not worry, we are presenting you Clash of Clans Triche Ajouter des gemmes illimités a magical Wizard Clash of Clans guide!

Wizards are one of the most powerful units in the game, at maximum level they have extremely high damage and if you Wizards can take down any building or tower in the game. The a certain things regarding training time and cost of the unit and we will cover that issue in detail. Wizards are costly units with supply cost of 4 and training time of long 8 minutes. Their movement speed is 16 and Wizards can target air and ground units as well. They do not have any preferred target, they can attack any unit or structure in the game. When you think about-Wizards, the best way to understand their role is to consider them upgraded archers. They have slower attack than the Archers, but they also have unbelievable damage and higher health pool. Wizards are much more effective against Mortars and Wizard Towers than archers, and the best feature of this unit is a fact that they are dealing splash damage.

Structures near the Wizard’s target will also take additional damage even that area fact is very small. Wizards costs extra resources and take longer to be produced, but they are extremely effective in the game. They are, in fact premium unit of the game and you can use them for effective farming if you have enough time and resources. If you compare supply cost with training time, the Wizards has the longest training time in the game! So, if you enough time and resources you can try to farm with an army of Wizards! However, they are very useful for farming dark elixir. At Town Hall 9 you will completely replace your archers with wizards and at that point of the game you should start farming for dark elixir.

Wizards are perfect for War Battles, but they will need Giants as a shield. You can combine Wizards with Healers as well, because they are excellent support units. Wizards are one of the best units that you should consider to have in your Clan Castle because they have high damage and area of effect damage effect. This was short, but we are hoping effective guide to Wizards in Clash of Clans. Now go and train your Wizards!

League of Extraordinary Soldiers on 3DS

League of Extraordinary Soldiers is basically strategic turn based game that will put on test even the most experienced tactical players, it brings a new dimension into the genre, and new breeze of fresh air that will give you a lot of thrills and ultimately fun. It is a strange combination of historical characters and fictional heroes, from aliens to Abraham Lincoln that you can easily play via 3dsemulatorx.net and test your strategic skills.

League of Extraordinary Soldiers is turn-based action game even it may appear that it is a third person shooter. You will be able to explore the map in real time, which will require some serious decisions in order to decide how to approach different parts of the game. At the beginning of the game you will have option to choose from 12 different characters that will be your team. Each level will required from you to select for persons in your squad and that will be interesting to ask to make a perfect choice because every soldier has some unique abilities and attaining synergy required for particular level is a key to success. Each character has unique weapons and the tools like special backpacks and similar gadgets. The main purpose of the game is to stay alive long enough to make crucial decisions. Game offers variety of skills that you can develop in order to create the perfect soldier. Choices that you will make will have direct impact on abilities a your team, so you will need to think twice upon making crucial decisions.

Sometimes it is hard to decide what should your next move should look like because you don’t always know enemy’s position or what is around the corner. The game will surprise you with many tricks like ambushes that can easily stop your progress. The enemy is sometimes very aggressive applying all kinds of different combos and you will need to find a perfect solution for each battle. You will encounter different types of aliens that have different abilities, so you will need to change your strategy according to the situation.

The game also provide a multiplayer option where two players of working together in a similar way as in single player with 60 seconds time a. That is much faster than in the single player game so you will need to think very fast and take serious decisions. You will also be able to play Deathmatches and Medal Matches that will bring more fun in a game-play. There are three different multiplayer modes that you can choose to play. The conclusion of League of Extraordinary Soldiers may be that this game is not so common combination of action and turn-based tactics. The game offers a very simple gameplay mechanics and different challenges and single or multiplayer mode. You will need very carefully to select best possible soldiers for your team to pass difficult levels. After all League of Extraordinary Soldiers is enjoyable experience on 3ds and we can recommend this game for any casual player who wants some strategic fun.

Amazing Archer Guide

The archer is one of the most used unit in Clash of Clans and there is a good reason why it is so. In this short article we will try to explain the reasons that lay behind the fact that archers are essential units in almost every strategy on Clash of Clans battlefield. If you want to improve your tactic and strategy in Clash of Clans this is the right article for you.

Archers are in fact second unit that you will get in Clash of Clans and they are the first ranged unit in the game. Some players think that archers are not reliable because they have low health, but they are not supposed to play a role of tank, they have completely different role. They also deal moderate damage, but they are able to shoot over the walls. That is very significant. They are able to attack defensive structures and towers behind the walls or, if it is necessary to attack Clan Castle units. They do not have large training time, they are produced within seconds which makes them very versatile and agile units. If you need more resources to produce more Archers try clash of clans hack gratuit and fill your resource storages instantly. One more advantage of archers in Clash of Clans is the fact that they can attack ground and air units and they do not have any preferred targets. Another good quantity that archers possess is their speed. So, if we need to summarize advantages of base unit they are low cost, fast training and great speed. Upgrades are also very important because they provide a huge difference at a higher levels, mainly gaining more health in order to survive Mortars.

They are very agile units that can be used in different situations. We will try to cover few most common situations where archers are essential units that can lead your team to victory. One of the most popular strategies is to combine barbarians and archers in one single Army composition. This strategy is extremely good for farming because it is very fast and can be use in that purpose. Many players think that archers can be used only on low levels, but that is not true. You can use them very efficiently to farm on higher levels of the game. Downside of this unit is the fact that they are very fragile, so it is important to protect them with other units or to keep them far away from Mortars. You can use Giants as a shield to protect your archers.

In any case you should always spread out your archers because that will minimize the impact of dangerous splash damage. Even if you spread out your archers you should always use tanking units like Giants or even barbarians to protect them. Arches are very useful for destroying barracks, mines and Army camps. The main advantage of archers is still their ability to attack structures that are queued in behind the walls like cannons and Archer Towers.In this short article we tried to describe archers, one of the most used unit in Clash of Clans. Sharp your arrows!

Battlefield Hardline Review

If you are looking for exciting single-player campaign game for Playstation 4,filled with interesting stealth and brilliant use of destructible scenery, here is a perfect game for you that will give you hours and hours of fun, Battlefield Hardline!

Battlefield Hardline is first-person shooter designed by Visceral Games. As you may expect the game is set in a post-apocaliptic city, Battlefield Hardline is the name of the first title in the Battlefield first-person shooter franchise designed by Visceral Games. This time, the focused is on the inner-city battles between cops and criminals. You will be able to try new weapons, new skills and more points that will unlock even more weapons and gadgets. Gameplay is really interesting, filled with beautifully rendered scenes that will engage you in the best possible way and push you to discover just a little more. Levels are designed very intelligently, just enough to keep your attention on the high rate.Battlefield Hardline is not ordinary action oriented game, you will need a lot of patience and strategy in almost all the levels of the game. If you do not want to think a lot, old-school of plain running and shooting everyone around still works.If you still do not have a copy of this game, try free psn codes tool or similar online solution and jump right into the action.

Base campaign is seven-hour long and have a lot of different, fun things to do like running with your blazing gun or sneaking as a stealthy thief. Before entering any encounter, you will need to scan entire area and check enemies, explosives or alarm systems and all relevant info will be present on your screen. Mastering stealth is very useful in Battlefield Hardline, it will unlock a lot of weapons that will become your favorite ones.

There are also a few things that needs future polishing and they are all enemy relate. Artificial intelligence of your enemies as is sometimes dull and not intuitive enough.Battlefield Hardline have a beautiful graphics and excellent sound, continuing the tradition of previous releases, while resolution is a little bit disappointing, stucked on 900p on Playstation 4. Besides that game runs smoothly with 60 frames per second. The game itself also shines in multiplayer mode. The game will allow you to play with your teammates and experience real thrill of the action. New gadgets, new weapons and dangerous encounters are a guarantee that you will spend hours and hours trying to solve old quests within storyline.
Battlefield Hardline is a game that we can recommend to any fan of action games on PlayStation 4.

Clash of Clan Super Guide

Clash of Clan is awesome game made by Supercell and therefore we will give you a super guide! With recent updates of Clash of Clan the game became one of the most played games on the world! In this super guide we will give you several most useful tips and tricks how you can become a ruler in Clash of Clan universe.

Super tip 1: Upgrades

This is most crucial and essential point that may make or break your entire game. It is not easy to upgrade all your structures at the same time, it is practically impossible, so you need to decide what you should upgrade first. Answer to that dilemma is very simple you should upgrade your defensive structures that makes splash damage and target multiple units. Give priority to your Mortar and Wizard Towers. After you build such defensive structures you should concentrate on another high damage defensive buildings like Tesla Towers that deal high damage when they are fully upgrade.If you need additional resourcess for your upgrades check clash of clans hack 2015 or simmilar online service for some fast resource boost!

Super tip 2: Town Hall

Another crucial and vital point is when to upgrade your Town Hall. In Clash of Clan that’s one of the most important aspects of the game. Some players think that it is necessary to upgrade all your buildings to the maximum level before upgrading your Town Hall to the next level, but that is wrong strategy. If you wait for all buildings to be upgrade, you will wait almost forever. Much better is to upgrade your walls to maximum level before you consider upgrading Town Hall to next level.When you reach Town Hall level 7 start to invest your gold in upgrading your other structures.

Super tip 3:Defenses

This is probably one of the most important aspects of Clash of Clans gameplay. In order to protect your base you should solid defense. Some players decide to be strictly defensive. It is true that you may be one of the best offensive players in a game but if you can not protect your base you will lose resources. You need to protect your trophies and in order to do so maximize the level of your defensive structures. First of all upgrade your Walls, then Archer Towers and Cannon, then Mortars and Bombs and finally Air Defense, Wizard Towers, Giant Bomb and Hidden Tesla.
So now you have super advices that will help you to become one of the best Clash of Clans players. See you at the top!

Few FIFA 15 Tips and tricks

Here are several very useful tips and tricks that will improve your gameplay style. You may rely on different fifa coin generators or free fifa 15 coins glitch to obtain enough coins, but after all you must master a game in order to play it efficiently.


Engage your strikers!

First important thing to insure your victory is to engage your strikers to pressure the ball. When your goalkeeper has the ball, move your team further down the. This is great feature in FIFA 15. Tap the RB/R1 button while your goalkeeper holds the ball and move up your team. This is a great tactic to take if time is short. Each player, depending on their skills, can receive specific instructions during the game. In order to access them, go to the Team Management menu and Instructions tab. Very effective instruction is getting to order your players to make constant pressure on the ball. Using this tactic, you will make it more difficult for your opponent to build up defense.

Keep your goalie on the line

If you hold Y/Triangle on defense, you will pull your goalie out to rush toward the attacker. If you double tap the same button, it will pull your goalie out to the line. If you expect a break do not press Y/Triangle, but focus on the defender you control. Another useful technique is to switch two attacking wingers to disorientate defenders. Use quick select to activate this option (D-pad on consoles). You can also move your center if it is needed. If you are losing a game you can choose to move your center back up the field and act as another striker. Just access the instructions menu, select the player and edit the option.

Trick behind the defense


Another good trick is to tell players via custom instructions to constantly run behind the defense. Defenders will be caught out of position, and you will score a goal! Another custom instruction you can give to specific players is to get them to move into a good shooting position. If you have such possibility of a incoming cross, use this trick. It’s very suitable if you have good attackers on your team. You will need to learn how to predict your opponent and only concentrate on the ball. Most people tend to pass a ball forward with no thought for deeper gameplay.

Beginners Clash of Clans Tips


If you are looking for fun, fast strategy game with addictive leveling system and a lot of opportunities you simply must play Clash of Clans!. Here are several tips that will help you to start with a game, to build the base, learn basic tricks and become good player.

First of all this game is designed to be pay-to-win, but we will share some tricks how you can avoid real payment and build your clan only within game in build currency.

Shields and Rebuild

One of good ways to utilize at the beginning of play is to use Clash of Clans shields to recover. At the beginning of the game, you will get three day protective shield and during these time you will not be attacked by anyone. Use this time to build your buildings , defensive structures and base. You will get Shield after attack that takes out 40 percent of your base and your Shield will last for 12 hours. If you are for Revange Shield will be automatically lifted off and you will be able to play Clan Wars without loosing a Shield.

Gems,Gems and more Gems

When you start playing, good advice is not to use all your available gems at beginning stage of the game. At the beginning tutorial will teach you how to speed building or leveling and so not spend Gems in those early days of your gameplay. You will need those Gems later , much more then at beginning of the game. If you need more Gems try to use clash of clans hack 2015.


Master your Strategy

Proper strategy is very important in Clash of Clans game. You will need to learn how to attack others and how to defend your village and how much resources you will need for troops. It is not enough to learn what type of units you have at your disposal, you must learn where to attack as well. Learn strengths and weakness of your troops and manage them accordingly.

Town Hall Upgrade Speed

It is naturally that you have urge to build your Town Hall as fast as possiable, or as fast as you can afford, but it is not necessary. More than that the amount of gold you can take when your Town Hall is level 10 is more then halved then when your Town Hall level is 5 and below. Good strategy is to upgrade your buildings before you upgrade your Town Hall.


Now you have good starting point to begin your Clash of Clans adventure. See you around!

Android Games

Most Popular Android Games 2014

Top 10 Android Games of 2014 written by: serpa123 Each month we get to see dozens of new games for mobile platforms. Given that the phone is not usually used as a complete gaming platform, but rather to pass the time between chores, trying every single game seems impossible. Therefore it is good to know which games are best in advance.

Here is a selection of most popular android games 2014. All games are carefully selected, taking into account the views of the gaming industry professionals and simply gamers. Let’s start the countdown.

Android Games

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