Few FIFA 15 Tips and tricks

Here are several very useful tips and tricks that will improve your gameplay style. You may rely on different fifa coin generators or free fifa 15 coins glitch to obtain enough coins, but after all you must master a game in order to play it efficiently.


Engage your strikers!

First important thing to insure your victory is to engage your strikers to pressure the ball. When your goalkeeper has the ball, move your team further down the. This is great feature in FIFA 15. Tap the RB/R1 button while your goalkeeper holds the ball and move up your team. This is a great tactic to take if time is short. Each player, depending on their skills, can receive specific instructions during the game. In order to access them, go to the Team Management menu and Instructions tab. Very effective instruction is getting to order your players to make constant pressure on the ball. Using this tactic, you will make it more difficult for your opponent to build up defense.

Keep your goalie on the line

If you hold Y/Triangle on defense, you will pull your goalie out to rush toward the attacker. If you double tap the same button, it will pull your goalie out to the line. If you expect a break do not press Y/Triangle, but focus on the defender you control. Another useful technique is to switch two attacking wingers to disorientate defenders. Use quick select to activate this option (D-pad on consoles). You can also move your center if it is needed. If you are losing a game you can choose to move your center back up the field and act as another striker. Just access the instructions menu, select the player and edit the option.

Trick behind the defense


Another good trick is to tell players via custom instructions to constantly run behind the defense. Defenders will be caught out of position, and you will score a goal! Another custom instruction you can give to specific players is to get them to move into a good shooting position. If you have such possibility of a incoming cross, use this trick. It’s very suitable if you have good attackers on your team. You will need to learn how to predict your opponent and only concentrate on the ball. Most people tend to pass a ball forward with no thought for deeper gameplay.

Beginners Clash of Clans Tips


If you are looking for fun, fast strategy game with addictive leveling system and a lot of opportunities you simply must play Clash of Clans!. Here are several tips that will help you to start with a game, to build the base, learn basic tricks and become good player.

First of all this game is designed to be pay-to-win, but we will share some tricks how you can avoid real payment and build your clan only within game in build currency.

Shields and Rebuild

One of good ways to utilize at the beginning of play is to use Clash of Clans shields to recover. At the beginning of the game, you will get three day protective shield and during these time you will not be attacked by anyone. Use this time to build your buildings , defensive structures and base. You will get Shield after attack that takes out 40 percent of your base and your Shield will last for 12 hours. If you are for Revange Shield will be automatically lifted off and you will be able to play Clan Wars without loosing a Shield.

Gems,Gems and more Gems

When you start playing, good advice is not to use all your available gems at beginning stage of the game. At the beginning tutorial will teach you how to speed building or leveling and so not spend Gems in those early days of your gameplay. You will need those Gems later , much more then at beginning of the game. If you need more Gems try to use clash of clans hack 2015.


Master your Strategy

Proper strategy is very important in Clash of Clans game. You will need to learn how to attack others and how to defend your village and how much resources you will need for troops. It is not enough to learn what type of units you have at your disposal, you must learn where to attack as well. Learn strengths and weakness of your troops and manage them accordingly.

Town Hall Upgrade Speed

It is naturally that you have urge to build your Town Hall as fast as possiable, or as fast as you can afford, but it is not necessary. More than that the amount of gold you can take when your Town Hall is level 10 is more then halved then when your Town Hall level is 5 and below. Good strategy is to upgrade your buildings before you upgrade your Town Hall.


Now you have good starting point to begin your Clash of Clans adventure. See you around!

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